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Amir H. Fallah
Tim Forcum
Corina Gamma
Stas Orlovski
Margi Scharff
Amanda Sefton Hogg
Carole Silverstein
Coleen Sterritt
Alexis Weidig
Nicola Vruwink

January 17 – February 28

Opening Reception: SATURDAY, January 17, 2009; 7-10PM

“Connections” is a group exhibition of ten Los Angeles-based artists from OVERTONES and den contemporary art, featured at the OVERTONES gallery exhibition space. The artists are linked through a sequence of visual dialogs in art making, and the exhibition will include painting, work on paper, sculpture, and video.

Each artist has a singular vision and style, yet one connects to another in visual discourse reflecting contemporary consciousness about subjects ranging from nature to domesticity, and through use of text, patterning, collage, and craft, in works that include both abstract and representational imagery.

Landscape and nature are represented in detailed paintings by Amir Fallah, Stas Orlovski, and Amanda Sefton Hogg. Elements from nature are also found in the sensitively assembled sculptures by Coleen Sterritt and Alexis Weidig. Use of craft in Nicola Vruwink’s crocheted cassette tape piece relates to Margi Scharff’s intimate collages of discarded materials. Scharff’s arrangements are fashioned into mandala patterns, which connect to Gamma’s four videos of kaleidoscopic images of moving objects and people. The images layered in Gamma’s videos link to the layering of patterns and lines in the abstract works of Carole Silverstein’s meditative ink paintings on mylar and Tim Forcum’s dynamic oil paintings.

“Connections” provides the audience with a sense that, if one is open to seeing, relationships exist everywhere. In times of change like the World is experiencing today, the links between us are pathways to new opportunities and growth. The collaborative nature of the exhibition “Connections” and the artists presented, offer a visual space within which we can play, explore and find delight in the challenges that often come with the uncertainty of change.

For additional information and images please contact Elizabeta Betinski at word@overtonesgallery.com or Donna Enad Napper at info@dencontemporaryart.com OVERTONES gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm, or by appointment.