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“Team Spirit”
April 12 - May 11, 2003

Works by: Sandra Low
opening reception: Saturday, April 12 @ 7PM

Sandra Low’s new series of paintings entitled “Team Spirit” kicks off the first season of exhibitions at Overtones, a newly established art and performance venue in Los Angeles.

Low’s new work explores the relationship between sports and religion in American culture. By placing her focus on the absurd and the humorous, Low makes poignant social commentary on the American consumer oriented popular culture, comprised of increasingly isolated individual lives and communities that “...only come together consistently to shop. Or to pray. Or to watch a game”. Sandra Low’s unique sense of humor transforms the nonsensical into common cultural denominators, thus allowing the viewer to recognize the intricate sensibilities that underline the shared experiences of being “physically part of a like-minded crowd of bodies”.

Sandra Low is an M.F.A. graduate from the University of Southern California and a B.A. graduate from the University of California Berkeley.

Overtones gallery and performance venue supports and promotes visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the diversity of Los Angeles communities, social responsibility and good times. Overtones is dedicated to searching outside the confines of established art structures and presenting work that has the potential to engage a wide range of audiences.