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“One Love and 25 Ugly Old Heads”
September 13 - October 12, 2003

Works by: robbie conal
opening reception and book signing: Saturday, September 13, 2003; 8PM - 12AM

OVERTONES presents "One Love and 25 Ugly Old Heads," an exhibition of charcoal drawings, oil paintings and plenty of surprises by the infamous guerrilla artist Robbie Conal.

For the last six years, L.A.'s own guerrilla artist, Robbie Conal, has been producing a monthly page of wide-ranging satirical "mini-posters" for the LA Weekly. Now for the first time anywhere, OVERTONES is showing a selection of 25 of the original charcoal drawings for those columns-all hung together on one wall facing off against a brand new giant oil portrait of Bob Marley (to quote Robbie: "The portrait of Bob's the antidote to all the scabrous drawings of ugly old white men-ok, and some women- plus Colin Powell, who's really Darth Vader lite masquerading as an Oreo cookie. Even I need some relief!"). The likes and dislikes of Dubya, Dick Cheney, Rummy, Linda Tripp and Monica (together again!), Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tipper Gore off her meds, Charleton Heston, even Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg square off -- as Robbie says, "In Hollywood, it ain't over when it's over"-- in conjunction with the publication of Robbie's new full color book, "ARTBURN," the best of his pages for the Weekly.

There will also be a surprise appearance by tricky Dick Nixon- Robbie's "evil muse"- with Rock Hudson and Doris Day (a new large painting on photographs with gold leaf). J. Edgar Hoover will be in the house with his pet Boston terrier. Lyndon Johnson will be there with his beagle. Robbie promises Jimmy Carter is coming with his killer rabbit (a suite of seven "Pet Peeves" digital ink jet prints). With a pre-California -Apocalypse bonus at the very end of the hallway (or tunnel): follow the laser beams of light coming from ARNOLD's eyes to a burned into charcoal portrait of the power mad Austrian hulk facing off with an ever graying Gray Davis. ACHTUNG, BABY!

It's going to be a veritable presidential party -- live music (another antidote-to dead presidents) and booze of course!

OVERTONES is a creative venue that supports and promotes visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the diversity of Los Angeles communities, social responsibility and good times. OVERTONES is dedicated to searching outside the confines of established art institutions and presenting work that has the potential to engage a wide range of audiences.