Beautiful/Decay Magazine
Issue M
November/December 2005

"Et Cetera"

Los Angeles has a long history of embracing creativity and individualism, so it is no surprise that the art scene follows suit. Its sprawling borders have come to define much of the art culture in the area. Galleries, museums, and artists co-ops are spread out, building a unique and diverse network of art establishments across the region. Three galleries in particular piqued our interest.

Overtones Gallery has quickly established itself as a lively avant-garde exhibition space. Their support of emerging artists has encouraged an atmosphere that promotes groundbreaking work and unconventional exhibitions. They kicked off the season this September with a solo show by legendary feminist artist Nancy Spero. The year will also bring expansion of their exhibition space which will feature a flat file collection of contemporary art.

California's brilliant weather and incredible vistas have attracted iconoclasts and artists for over a hundred years. As a result, Los Angeles has the great luck of being home to many innovative and exciting galleries. Take advantage!