ArtScene: Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions
June 2004
Vol. 23, No. 10

Where We Live: Outside and In

Where We Live: Outside and In

Where We Live: Outside and In is an insightful group show curated by Kristina Newhouse. The exhibition traces the relationship between fact and fiction in the built and the natural landscape. The works juxtapose fragments of the real, as in Jared Pankin sculptures that combine trees, rocks and wood in fantastical arrangements, with Blue McRight's small surreal oils on paper, where special attention is paid to tasks like watering the grass or to items like a single lawn chair. Bill Radawec's small constructions present groups of people in architectural spaces, while Eli Pulsinelli draws well known examples of residential architecture into which she incorporates patterns and decorative motifs. Rebecca Niederlander's floor sculpture also plays with the real and the imagined in the form of rocks covered with moss created from bits of colored papers. The works here play off of each other and together create a complex picture of the world (Overtones, Culver City). Jump to Article.