Margi Scharff


Margi Scharff was a mixed-media artist who has worked in a wide range of both traditional and non-traditional materials in installation, drawing, photography, sculpture, assemblage and collage. Her works have been exhibited in alternative spaces as well galleries in the U.S.A., Mexico and Asia.

In 2000, Margi began making art with found materials she collected from the road in Asia while traveling on a ten-dollar-per-day budget. During this time she also kept a written travel journal and photographed landscapes and people she encountered along the way. The title of this project is “Raw Material:From the road in Asia.”

Until her passing in July 2007, from ovarian cancer, Margi made over 200 small-scale ‘road collage’ works using scraps of paper collected from roadside trash while journeying through China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Burma.

During this art-making journey she exhibited her ‘road collage’ works in
Delhi, India; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Chittagong, Bangladesh. A short documentary film of her work was made by BBC reporter Daniel Lak during Scharff’s time in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Margi Scharff was a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Grant that has helped her win her first battle against 4th stage ovarian cancer in 2006.

OVERTONES has been honored to keep Margi Scharff’s art estate in our collection so that we can continue to exhibit and share it. An artist book of Margi’s collages and writings from the road will also be published and presented by the gallery.


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