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OVERTONES will be celebrating our 5th B-day on Saturday, June 28th with a group exhibition entitled "Beauty & The Beast".
The show features artists who have been a part of our family since those early times when we were just learning how to walk and, for the occasion of this celebration, a few new names are added to the mix as well, to keep the family growing--together, they are our Lucky 14 and their art confirms our vision: to fuse beauty and political angst into one giant hope for a better world and one grand celebration of life! Come give it up for: CRAIG BUTLER, CHRISTOPHER CHINN, SUE COE, ROBBIE CONAL, VICTOR GASTELUM, SIMONE LOURENCO, CLAYTON MURDACH, STAS ORLOVSKI, AMY ROSS, MARGI SCHARFF, CAROLE SILVERSTEIN, NANCY SPERO and ALEXIS WEIDIG.

This time also marks a year since we've lost our dear friend and artist MARGI SCHARFF. Her art remains with us, and reminds us to continue striving towards being better Citizens of the World. We would like to take this opportunity to point you to 5min36sec of pure inspiration, in honor and memory of Margi and her legacy.

OVERTONES would also like to thank Christopher "Chuckles" Donham for, well, pretty much everything. And Alan Shaffer--for everything else. And a special big thanks to all of you--for supporting us and inspiring us in the last five years. We hope the next five will be even more exciting and we look forward to sharing them with you all.

Breathe, stretch, travel, smile, learn a new language...and come see some great art on Saturday, June 28th from 7 to 10pm. For those who can't make the festivities, the exhibit will be on view through August 2nd--stop by on your way to the beach and show off your swimsuit for Summer 2008.
See you at the gallery.

June 22, 2008